With a G360 Walk-in Bath, life will be easier for you and for those around you.

Through stylish design your bathroom will be a place to be proud of and everyday bathing practicalities will be a breeze. However it is important to spend time thinking about your individual needs and preferred features – now and in the future.

Here are a few pointers to help and remember, we have many more answers if needed so call us on 01527 400028 or message here.

How big is your bathroom?

The size of your bathroom can affect which Walk-in Bath is right for you. If you are tight on room, a compact Georgia bath might be ideal whereas if you have plenty of space, a full-length P-shaped Louisiana could be perfect.

How do you bathe?

If you are a quick ‘in-and-out’ bather then a simple design with limited options might be better for you. However if you like to soak for longer you could choose from our many options including Air Spa, Chromotherapy and Wireless sound.

Your abilities?

If you have limited mobility or strength in certain parts of your body then there is an ideal G360 Walk-in Bath to help. For example, the Easy Riser is the ultimate choice with its powered seat that reclines and lifts.

Like to shower?

Our shower screens are a popular addition to our baths as they give you flexible bathing. Each screen comes with toughened safety glass and a swing-away hinge for easy access and cleaning.

optional shower screen
bath lifting seat

Who’s using the bath?

When choosing the right Walk-in Bath it is important to consider who else might be using it. You might have family members or a partner with different mobility needs. If so a full length bath such as the Louisiana with removable lifting seat could give greater all-round suitability.

Want to feel safer?

Rest assured, there are so many safety features built-in to every G360 Walk-in Bath. From slip-resistant surfaces and emergency access door hinges, to easy access plugs and even antimicrobial protection – G360 is number one for safety.

Your preferred style?

As there is so much choice in the G360 range, you will always be able to select the ideal look. Match your bath styling with your taste in decor and if you want to make a real statement, maybe try a colour that isn’t white – there is an infinite range!

easi riser quick release door

Unsure which G360 Walk-in Bath will suit your mobility needs?

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