We want bathing to be the highlight of your day and not simply a practical process.

This is why G360 Bathrooms offer you an outstanding range of options for a more luxurious bath time.

Choose from an Air spa, Chromotherapy and Wireless sound system for stimulating sensations. Plus, with an optional heated seat for deep soak baths, assisted bathing has never been so enjoyable.

woman in walk in bath
Air spa bubbles in bath

Air Spa

With carefully positioned air jets you can enjoy the massaging effect of fine bubbles.

Fully adjustable, the Air spa option is perfect for easing a tired or aching back. It can provide relief from arthritis, rheumatic pains, skin conditions and stress-related problems. This option is a wonderful addition to your bath.

Chromatherapy green bath light


An ancient form of treatment, chromotherapy uses coloured lights to improve the mood and restore well-being.

Chromotherapy is said to reduce stress, aid relaxation, promote restful sleep and even help to boost the mood during the dark winter months. With different programmes available, you can choose the colours that work best for you. These soothing lights will provide a calming ambience in your bathroom.

Wireless sound system

Wireless Sound System

Listen to your favourite music, enjoy catching up with drama on the radio, stream an audio book – it’s all possible with an optional sound system. Add a new dimension and sing along while you soak in an Access walk-in bath.

Shower screen

Shower Screens

Enjoy the pleasure of showering in an Access walk-in-bath with our exclusive glass screens. Stylish and safe, our range of swing-away solutions add even more practicality and flexibility to your bathing experience.

Unsure which G360 Walk-in Bath will suit your mobility needs?

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