feet in bath

Walk in baths and showers

If getting in and out of a standard bath is becoming a problem, G360 has your bathing answer. 

There is no need to give up the pleasure of bathing with our UK-leading choice in accessible, walk-in and power assisted baths. Just think… enjoying a deep soak, feeling any aches and pains melting away and exiting the bath feeling energised can all be possible again.

So, what kind of bath & shower would you like?

Full length walk-in baths

Lie, relax and melt all your troubles away.

A full length, walk-in bath is a perfect solution when stepping over the side of a conventional bath becomes more challenging. You retain the traditional lying-down bathing position, but access is so much easier.

When there’s only one bath at home, this is a great option for the whole family. With a footprint that matches the regular bathtub shape, slotting it into your bathroom’s layout is simple. 

Mid-sized walk-in baths

Sit and soak – a popular walk-in bathing option.

With plenty of room for comfort, these baths are perfect for small spaces. The clean, modern styling will ensure they look perfectly at home in any bathroom. Stepping in is simple, and the integral seat is ergonomically contoured for a relaxing bath.

You’ll be safe and comfortable throughout, and when you’re done, you’ll find the slip-resistant surfaces and the upright position make getting out of the bath just as easy as getting in.

Compact walk-in baths

Think about being able to step in without struggling.

Think about a bath that will take hardly any space, but one that lets you relax whilst seated in warm, chest-deep water. Think about a bath that will fill quickly, without a huge water bill. Think small but think beautiful – these are baths that would grace any home. 

About our bath range

We have compact to full-length walk-in baths from the Access range, through to Gainsborough baths with powered height adjustment and/or bather transfer seats.
Just imagine, relaxing to your favourite track or audio book whilst you let the warm water soak away all your troubles.

Bathing solutions depend on the easiest way for you to get in and out and feel supported when bathing.

Compact baths offer an upright seated posture, whereas standard length tubs allow you to lie down.

All have low access walk-in doors so no more struggling to get legs over the side or worrying about slipping.

There are models with powered rising seats and baths can be adapted in many ways with showers and screens through to heated seats, airspa, chromotherapeutic lighting and even Bluetooth sound.

If you need more help, then a Gainsborough powered bath can give you extra support. 

Not only can a powered transfer seat lift and lower you in, but you can choose a bathing solution that actually lifts up to help an assisting carer or relative. With your bath raised, anyone helping you with personal care will never have to bend or stoop anymore…so their back is protected from possible strain.

Benefit from eye-level contact and overall, a more positive bathing experience – without the worry of manual lifting and handling. Let your bath do all the work.

Why choose G360 Bathrooms?

G360 is part of the multi-brand Gainsborough Healthcare Group, a trusted specialist bath manufacturer since the 1980s. Operating from the UK, Gainsborough has Europe’s largest dedicated production line for accessible baths, perfectly complementing any G360 bathroom.

As the inventor of the first-ever ‘walk-in’ bath, this family run business has evolved over the decades to now become a complete bathroom provider.

Optional luxury

Add something special for your own spa at home.

Here at G360 we are all about giving you the perfect bath and bathroom tailored around you. That’s why we offer a fantastic range of optional extras so you can personalise your choice for individualised comfort and luxury.

As we are manufacturers, we can even make you a bath in any colour if you are tired of everything being white! Here’s a selection of what’s on offer for that special touch:



With carefully positioned air jets you can enjoy the massaging effect of fine bubbles.

Fully adjustable, the Airspa option is perfect for easing a tired or aching back. It can provide relief from arthritis, rheumatic pains, skin conditions and stress-related problems. This option is a wonderful addition to your bath.

chromatherapy lights


An ancient form of treatment, chromotherapy uses coloured lights to improve the mood and restore well-being.

Chromotherapy is said to reduce stress, aid relaxation, promote restful sleep and even help to boost the mood during the dark winter months. With different programmes available, you can choose the colours that work best for you. These soothing lights will provide a calming ambience in your bathroom.

Bluetooth sound system

Listen to your favourite music, enjoy catching up with drama on the radio, stream an audio book – it’s all possible with an optional sound system. Add a new dimension and sing along while you soak in an Access walk-in bath.

Shower screens

Enjoy the pleasure of showering in an Access walk-in-bath with our exclusive glass screens. Stylish and safe, our range of swing-away solutions add even more practicality and flexibility to your bathing experience.