Accessible disabled wetroom

Accessible bathrooms

Whatever you need for an accessible disabled bathroom and easy access wetroom, G360 will deliver.

We have an infinite choice of easy-access bathroom and wet room designs to suit all tastes and lifestyles so you can enjoy safety and peace of mind. 

G360 Bathrooms provides a complete 360-degree service which helps you every step of the way.

accessible bathrooms

From initial home assessment and design through to fitting your easy access bathroom, and aftercare, we’ve got it covered. And rest assured, the end result will always be a bathroom that maximises easy-access and support through the very latest adaptations and inclusive designs.

100% hassle-free from concept to completion, we will listen to you, understand your bathroom requirements, and recommend the best solutions for easy access bathing. However, you are always in control of your choices; we will only ever offer impartial advice, there’s never any selling, just informative and qualified guidance.

Our enabling bathrooms offer the ultimate in inclusive living. Designed for all ages, they provide easy access if you have restricted mobility.

By choosing G360 bathrooms, you can enjoy reinvigoration in the bathroom whilst relaxing in a safe space. With the latest stylish fixtures and fittings that are not medical in appearance, our schemes work for multi-generational households, both from a practical and aesthetics point of view. No one wants to shout they need mobility assistance, that’s why our bathrooms are specifically crafted to preserve self-esteem and confidence. Be proud of your adapted bathroom with us.

The hallmark of a G360 bathroom is quality, durability, style and safety. In actual fact, most regard us as number one for safety. From our specialist slip resistant flooring, to precisely fitted grab rails, every element of our disabled bathrooms is carefully considered so trips and falls will be a thing of the past.

Aspirational yes, but still functional so everyday living is more straightforward and not affected by apprehension or doubt. Add to this quality craftmanship from our installers, you’ll know that your bathroom will last the test of time.

Backed up by trustworthy and comprehensive warranties, G360 bathrooms is not just the total easy access bathroom specialist, it also is the all-rounder when it comes to care and aftersales.

So now you’ve read an introduction into why G360 Bathrooms are better, let’s delve in a little deeper…

Wetroom example

Wet rooms for all

Our wet rooms perfectly balance access, aesthetics and safety. 

Every aspect, from our specialist anti-slip floors to our toughened glass shower screens, allows you to benefit from a design that protects you whilst looking good. Our assessors and in-house experts always recommend layouts that maximise the use of space, so disabled access and everyday use is uncompromised. 

Life enhancing baths

Life enhancing baths

If getting in and out of a standard bath is becoming a problem, G360 has the answer.

There is no need to give up the pleasure of bathing with our UK-leading choice in accessible, walk-in and power assisted specialist care baths –


Showers that care

When it comes to care, our showers are renowned for innovation.

We have a range of electric and thermostatic shower units that all include easy-to-use controls designed for reduced dexterity or vision. There is a huge choice to suit all preferences and we even have Bluetooth enabled systems for remote operation. Tactile buttons, rounded profiles and audible flow rates and temperature settings, are just a small selection of the special features we can provide – all designed for use with one hand. Easy grip levers and generous buttons, mean no stiff dials or fiddly knobs to worry about.

We believe your showering experience should be one of pleasure and relaxation – not worrying about the risk of scalding or the water being too cold for that matter! Our intelligent temperature-controlled systems combine with more simple solutions such as retaining rings so your shower head can never fall to the floor. Longer hoses offer comfortable showering when you choose to sit and anti-glare power units mean location is easier, especially for individuals with dementia. Add to this powerful spray flow even if your water pressure is low, and your G360 showering experience will be second to none.

Slip resistant shower trays

100% watertight, 100% leak proof, 100% peace of mind.

If you prefer a bathroom with a shower, then G360 shower trays provide the same exceptional high-performance levels as our wet room floors.

100% watertight, 100% leak proof, 100% peace of mind. Thanks to our precision engineering, all trays allow for fast and accurate fitting – providing a crisp, neat look. There are multiple styles, sizes and configurations to choose from; you can even choose to have side or end access ramps for wheelchairs.

Specifically designed to conceal unsightly pipework, these sleek trays can either be step-in or level access. Fast drainage comes as standard so no worries about water pooling, and surfaces are super-strong with anti-slip properties. G360 shower trays are unbreachable with high user weight capacity so long-lasting durability comes as standard.

Reassuring shower screens

Reflecting our safety commitment in more ways than one.

Reflecting in more ways than one, our shower screens incorporate the same levels of safety and quality as the rest of the G360 collection.

Screens are constructed from lightweight toughened glass with stay clear coating so no more hassle with staining or streaks. We have a vast collection to choose from which will suit any size of bathroom or wet room layout.

From half to full height screens, every screen is manufactured precisely with a quality finish, so no leaks or mould build up. Sliding screens cleverly mounted on the floor or a shower tray offer barrier free access with no threshold strips, again reducing the risk of a slip or trip.

Future peace of mind comes as standard with all our shower screens as every G360 customer can depend on our trusted warranties and aftersales advice.

Specialist sanitaryware


Our care toilets will maximise your dignity and independence. G360 has wash and dry toilets and bidets for everyone who needs a little extra help.

Our care toilets will maximise your dignity and independence. G360 has wash and dry toilets and bidets for everyone who needs a little extra help.

There are many models and features to select, all aimed at making toileting convenient and stress-free. Choose from close-coupled pans to wall hung WC’s; we have the complete range. Slimline designs with a choice of flush options are available and all toilets have been specifically sculpted so no sharp angles for extra safety.

In terms of care features, there is a raft of options from adjustable sprays specifically designed for men and women through to personalised temperature and drying settings. Easy to use remote controls complement features such as subtle night lighting so you can feel fresh and hygienic whatever time of day. Toilets are quiet and discrete with even the option to select odour extraction. Soft close seats and strong hinges for dependable transfers add to that sense of security. Toileting doesn’t need to be complex; choose G360 and enhance your sense of well-being.

Basins and brassware

The G360 sanitaryware collection combines beautiful looks with pure practicality

Ideally designed to support restricted mobility, there is a choice of basin and tap configurations for everyone, so use is as easy and strain-free as possible.

Semi, full pedestal, and vanity basins are available in a vast range of sizes and styles – from space saving to extra-wide, front profiled for easier seated access, to sinks with grab handles, we have the solution you need. If you use a walking frame or maybe prefer to perch on a stool, our basins will accommodate better access, enhanced by flat sink decks to locate all your bathroom commodities.

Your safety is always number one for us. This is why our basin range only has smooth rounded profiles. This protection is mirrored with our brassware which is always designed to be controlled with ease. From monobloc mixers to traditional pairs, our taps are crafted to the highest standards and offer proven performance. Some of our lever taps, for example, offer operation with either a hand or elbow – removing issues when grip is limited. Wastes can be either pop-up clicker or pull chain plug, whatever your preference.

All-in-all, G360 sanitaryware is all about form and function, perfectly combined.

Pay no VAT!

If you are registered disabled you can qualify for VAT relief –
saving 20% on the cost of a bathroom. 

Accessible shower

Wonder walls

Express your personality with an infinite range of quality tiles and wall boards.

As we are the complete accessible bathroom provider, we not only supply and install all sanitary ware, but also complete the job with expertly finished bathroom décor.

Your choice of wall covering is important in expressing your personality and taste. We are here to make that happen while adding in safety and durability for maximum value.

By choosing G360 you have a huge selection of tiles and wall boarding for your perfect bathroom. Our tiles are highly advanced for pure long-lasting colour and there are various ‘bumpy’ anti-glare finishes to avoid disorientation. We can design your bathroom with clearer defined tile colour changes for easy navigation or maybe you prefer something more characterful, like beautiful mosaics – all possible with G360.

Wallboarding continues to be a popular alternative to tiles. Faster to fit with no grout and less chance of mould build up, our boards come in an array of colours and textures for a luxurious look. They are all water and scratch resistant and provide a sturdy base for fixtures and fittings. Plus, many come with our unique BioCote antimicrobial technology built-in which provides 24/7 protection from microbes. This world-leading hygiene is proven to be up to 99.9% effective against influenza A H1N1, E. coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

From minimal simplicity to striking nature patterns, there is a wall surface to be proud of.

Stylish safety floors

Your safety underfoot is just as vital as around you.

Our safety floors are tried and tested to provide utmost slip resistance whether wet or dry, for bare feet and shoes. Their ingenious design means maximum grip whilst being 100% watertight and long lasting. An impervious surface means there will never be leaks and keeping floors spotlessly clean is straightforward especially as flooring can be contoured to form seamless skirting.

Colours can be chosen that are dementia friendly with the right light reflective value for easy orientation, also suitable if you have a visual impairment. Underfloor heating compatible, G360 safety floors have that special touch of luxury.

Easy get grab rails

Steady yourself and feel confident all round your bathroom.

Having ways to steady yourself around the bathroom is vital for safety and stability.

Whether in the shower, getting out of the bath or using the toilet, grab rails provide that extra reassurance and peace of mind. Move around confidently with our range of rails that can be supplied in different materials, lengths, shapes and designs – with complete flexibility during installation so you have the tailor-made support where you need it the most. If you have visual impairment, we can recommend rails in the best colours for location, and dependent on your dexterity we can suggest the best shape of rail for a sturdy grip. All our wall mounted rails are installed with super strong fixings which can be hidden for a seamless look if preferred.

G360 also offers full length floor-to-ceiling poles and an impressive fold up range for easier toileting. We are always focused on saving space so these folding grab rails are perfect for multi-generational homes and will never get in the way when not in use. We can give you support rails that have legs for even more strength so getting on and off the toilet is really strain-free. Coated in rust inhibitor treater surfaces, such as clever epoxy resin, you’ll never have to worry about your rail looking old and tired in years to come. As with all G360 products, they are built to last.

Bathroom features

Stable shower seats

Giving you a comfortable way to take the weight off your feet.

Designed in close cooperation with bathers, occupational therapists and installers, our shower seats give you a comfortable way to take the weight off your feet.

Why worry about standing and not enjoying your showers when our range of seats keep you stable and safe for as long as you need. They are expertly designed from a functional point of view but look great as well. G360 can offer compact to extra wide seats in a variety of materials and colours.

White, grey, blue, stainless steel, powder coated, eco-friendly rubberwood or aluminium, whichever you choose they will be 100% rust proof. We have minimalistic, traditional and contemporary designs – all non-obstructive and either mobile or wall hung. Design features such as slats and grooves mean no water pools on the seat and G360 can also offer different shapes for easier personal hygiene.

For extra support you can go for seats with arms and extra padding with many of our designs capable of comfortably seating bathers weighing up to 40 stone. Go on… feel safe, secure and relaxed when you shower with us.

Functional yet fabulous furniture

Complete your bathroom with all the practical and stylish fixtures for easy and tidy living.

To give your bathroom that real personal touch, we offer a comprehensive range of furniture, fixtures and fittings to complement your sanitaryware and showers.

These stylish and practical units can be designed in any configuration to maximise storage whilst hiding unsightly pipework. G360 has vanity units, cupboards and storage shelves which all can be combined to suit your everyday needs. Add to this a stunning collection of quality toilet roll holders, towel rails and shelving, your finished G360 bathrooms will contain every detail to make life easier.

Energising electrics

From therapeutic lighting to towel warmers, our specialist designers and installers offer all the electrical support you need. Our technicians and the products we use are renowned for safety thanks to their NHS pedigree.

There is a vast range of electrical options to choose from including underfloor heating, task focused lighting, movement-controlled sensors through to the latest extractor fans for healthy air without microbes. If you are looking for even more reassurance, then alarm pull cords and complete body dryers are also available from G360. As you can see, we are truly your accessible bathroom specialist.