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Right from your free initial consultation through to design, installation and after care, G360 Bathrooms takes pride in offering a caring and supportive service. Unfortunately these days so many other companies can sell you something and then disappear when it comes to after sales care. Why choose anyone else when G360 Bathrooms will never let you down? Our established team will answer all of your queries and do their utmost to provide solutions as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions please call us on 01527 400028 or alternatively, you might find the answers in our helpful FAQs below…

FAQS on specialist care baths

What if I need extra care?

We have manufactured specialist care baths for over 35 years. These high quality baths for care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities are now available for your home. Despite their high specification, they are stylish baths that will blend into your bathroom without looking ‘medical’.

Baths such as the Alera and Talano offer many extra care features including a powered bather transfer seat. For bathers who struggle to use any bath, these models will lift, rotate and lower you into and out of the bath – total powered support for safety with peace of mind. Other safety aspects include temperature controlled water and BioCote antimicrobial protection, plus with the Alera you have a powered leg lift.

What is a bather transfer seat?

This comfortable seat will move you into and out of the bath. It is fitted with swing-up armrests and a safety belt for added reassurance. If you choose either the Alera or Talano bath, you can position your transfer seat at just the right height to move across from a wheelchair or to sit down with control.

Once in position, a carer or yourself can operate the easy-to-use controller to lift, rotate and lower the seat – this is smooth and can be stopped at any point. If you find lifting your legs up and over the bath side, the Alera powered leg lift will help.

It makes sense to fill the bath first so you are gently lowered into temperature controlled water. This way you stay warm and can enjoy a soak without delay.

Are there any therapeutic options?

Being able to bathe is a fantastic feeling which can be so beneficial for health and wellbeing. This therapy can be enhanced by the addition of special features on your care bath which can include AirSpa, coloured lighting and sound.

The jets and bubbles from the AirSpa can provide a soothing massage for aches and pains whilst the addition of chromotherapy helps mood and positivity. If you like to listen to music or an audio book in the bath, our Alera and Talano can be fitted with wireless Bluetooth technology so you can connect devices such as laptops and smart phones.

What specialist safety features will give me peace of mind?

If you need extra support to bathe, we understand feeling safety is your top priority. This is why our specialist care baths are designed with ‘hospital grade’ features but still resemble a domestic product. This means your self-esteem is not compromised whilst benefiting from:

  • Powered bather transfer seats
  • Temperature controlled water so no risk of scalding
  • Optional auto fill for controlled water depth
  • Ergonomic design for greater postural support
  • Built-in BioCote antimicrobial protection – invisible and integrated into every surface to stop 99.99% of microbes, mould, bacteria and some viruses.

FAQs on easy access bathrooms

How can toileting be made easier?

If getting on and off the toilet is becoming challenging, we offer a collection of grab rails, heightened seats or specialist adaptations to make the experience easier and safer. 

If personal hygiene is difficult then G360 Bathrooms has a range of hi-tech wash-dry toileting systems for ultimate dignity and convenience. We know it all when it comes to specialist WCs so you’re in safe hands.

Can G360 manage everything?

Yes. From start to finish our expert team will assess your needs, design your bathroom, install and offer aftercare. G360 Bathrooms do it all – hence the name! A 360-degree service for total peace of mind. You’ll only have to deal with us, your own dedicated advisor who will coordinate everything for you.

What’s the advantage of a wet room?

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By having a 100% leak proof floor and intergrated shower area so you have the utmost flexibility. You never have to worry about getting onto a shower tray or into a bath. Accessibility is best it can be with a wet room – maximium space and minimum hassle. 

How can I use a wheelchair safely?

G360 Bathroom designers will make sure your bathroom or wet room is planned to maximise space, especially important if manoeuvring a wheelchair. Our specialist sink range includes designs that allow a wheelchair or stool underneath so you can sit and wash with ease. We can also install height adjustable sinks so convenience and accessible for all members of a household, whether standing or sitting.

I worry about slips and trips, please help

We offer a range of low and zero level showering thresholds for you to choose from. A wet room is best as it provides a seamless way to get in and out of showering area without stepping. If you prefer to bathe, our specialist baths come with a powered bather transfer seat so access in and out is seamless – independently or with help from others dependent on abilities.