BioCote antimicrobial protection for even more peace of mind.
G360 baths and many of our bathroom fixtures come with invisible BioCote technology to protect against microbes.
These days hygiene is more important than ever before. Making sure you have protection from microbes lets you enjoy your bathing experience with greater confidence. This is why so many people choose a G360 Bathroom as we partner with BioCote

For over 20 years, BioCote have been providing world-leading protection against a broad range of microbes, including bacteria, mould and even some viruses. Their silver-ion technology is integrated into a wide range of products during manufacturer so cannot be wiped or worn away.

This is why G360 Bathrooms works closely with BioCote so its vulnerable customers can benefit from up to 99.9%, 24/7 protection during the lifetime of a product.

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  • BioCote technology proven to reduce to 99.9% protection against influenza A H1N1, E. coli, Salmonella and CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
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  • 24/7 product lifetime protection – not a coating, integrated during manufacture so cannot be wiped or worn away
  • Supports stain and odour prevention
  • Increases bath durability

What is a ‘microbe’?

What is bacteria

What is ‘antimicrobial’?

What is antimicrobial

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