Our partnership with Parkinson’s UK

Everyone with Parkinson’s receives a 10% discount

on all walk-in baths, powered accessible baths and bathroom products from G360 Bathrooms – quote ‘PUK’.*

In partnership with Parkinson’s UK, G360 Bathrooms are created to give you easy access, safety, comfort and peace of mind when bathing. And we’d add to that great style, nothing clinical or medical looking. 

Whatever your lifestyle needs, Parkinson’s challenges and bathroom taste, we will make sure the end result exceeds your expectations.

From quality adapted sanitaryware, beautiful walk-in baths and contemporary low access showering through to antimicrobial tiling and slip resistant flooring, G360 Bathrooms have it all. 

We are proud to partner with Parkinson’s UK. Not only will you be able to relax in a quality, safe bathroom, you will receive a 10% discount on all products.

Plus every sale generates a donation back to Parkinson’s UK from G360 Bathrooms.

So, it’s all good for everyone.


Full length bath

Lying down in a bath is extremely relaxing, and Arizona makes this possible with its low-level walk-in entry. With a simple but elegant shape and the added security of slip-resistant surfaces, this bath is designed for those who can sit down and stand unaided.


Full length bath

With its stylish, clean and simple lines, the Easy Riser has been designed with a standard footprint that is ideal for most bathrooms. Added to that, the convenience of an ergonomically designed, powered seat and low-level access makes getting into and out of the bath easy.


Full length bath

The Montana adds the convenience of a powered seat and low-level access which makes getting into and out of the bath easy, helping to maintain your independence.


Full length bath

When versatile bathing and showering is required, the Louisiana fits the bill. There’s plenty of space for a luxurious lie-down bath, ample room for a refreshing shower and a removable, powered seat that makes the bath a superb option for every user


Full length bath

If you are looking for all the benefits of the Louisiana, but bathroom space is more of a challenge, then the slimline Indiana is the solution for you.


Midi length bath

This model is all about comfort and convenience. It’s got low-level entry, space to move inside and a superb seated position that means you’ll never need to worry about getting yourself back upright.


Midi length bath

Offering a little extra depth and width, the Oregon is perfect for when you want to enjoy a good deep soak. The curved seat is angled for comfort and with a slip-resistant surface, you’ll always feel safe and secure.


Midi length bath

The Tennessee is a popular choice within the Access walk-in bath range. It combines the benefits of a compact footprint with an extra-wide, ultra-low door access for the easiest entry.


Compact bath

Simple and elegant, the Florida has a tiny footprint and because the door opens inwards it will fit almost anywhere – even in the en-suite you’ve always thought too small for anything but a shower.


Compact bath

Imagine the extra space you’d have in your bathroom if your bath was only half the size of a traditional design. Now imagine that perfectly proportioned small bath giving you water twice as deep.

Bathing peace of mind with Parkinson’s

If you are struggling to get in and out of your bath then we have the solution. For over 35 years we have been helping people with Parkinson’s enjoy bathing safely and confidently. Proudly built in Britain, our range of specialist, accessible powered baths are the trusted choice for better living at home – now and for many years to come.

  • Power assisted care baths
  • Adapted bathrooms/wetrooms
  • Proven and caring specialists
  • Advanced safety and design
  • Unique BioCote antimicrobial protection
  • Complete design and installation service
  • We listen to your needs – free home consultations with Trusted Assessors

*Terms & Conditions apply. For full details call us on: 01527 400028.