Ezion – Specialist care bath

A bath with powered height-adjustment and transfer seat with leg-lifter – perfect for bathers who need extra support getting in and out of the bath. The Ezion is a specialist care bath suitable for many people with reduced mobility. Getting in for a warm soak becomes so much easier, whilst the risk of back strain for carers is reduced.

If getting in a standard bath feels unsafe or is not possible for you, then you can sit in the Ezion’s seat which will lift, rotate and lower you into the bath. There’s a unique leg lifter to support your legs over the bath side, and the bath can be raised in height to help any carers or relatives who may be assisting you with washing.


  • Powered seat with leg lifter that gets you in and out
  • Powered height adjustment
  • A choice of lengths 1500mm and 1700mm
  • BioCote antimicrobial technology built in
  • Water saving ‘keyhole’ bathing shape
  • Simple hand controller
  • Streamlined design that’s easy to clean
  • Shower system included
  • Suitable for bathers using a mobile or ceiling track hoist
  • Thermostatic mixer
  • Battery backup safety system in case of mains power failure


  • Auto-fill – pre-set your ideal depth and temperature
  • Multi-speed Air-spa  – for hydrotherapy and a relaxing massage 
  • Bluetooth® sound and music – connect your phone or tablet to hidden speakers 
  • Multi-coloured lighting – clever chromotherapy with calming LED lights 
  • Footboard (1700mm only) – can be slotted in two positions, so the bathing space can be shortened, allowing safe use by all members of the household.