Oraya – Specialist care bath

A variable height powered bath with an integrated platform for bathers with more complex needs. The Oraya is ideal if need to keep your back stable and legs flat when bathing. You can lie or sit on its platform which is for changing, drying and bathing. Once in position, the bath sides can be raised gently immersing you into temperature-controlled water. 

Safe and simple to use, the whole bath can then be raised so carers or relatives can assist at a safe height, without needing to bend or stoop, and eye level contact can be more easily maintained with the bather.


  • Built in 3-in-1 platform / changing table for easier transfers
  • Powered height adjustment for carer help
  • Removeable backrest for adults and children
  • Inbuilt BioCote antimicrobial technology provides enhanced hygiene
  • Easy to use handset controller
  • Battery backup safety system in case of mains power failure


  • Footrest, for additional comfort and support
  • Multi-speed Air-spa  – for hydrotherapy and a relaxing massage 
  • Chromotherapy – calming multi-coloured LED lighting
  • Bluetooth® sound and music system – wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet
  • Auto-fill – pre-set your ideal depth
  • CAT5 shower pole
  • A range of postural supports and cushions