Advice blog: How to solve your bathing needs when using a wheelchair

It can be a common presumption that if you use a wheelchair, then a wet room or adapted shower are the only bathroom choices you have. In this G360 Bathrooms blog, we highlight the fact that this is not true in many scenarios.

It can be a common presumption that if you use a wheelchair, then a wet room or adapted shower are the only bathroom choices you have. In this G360 Bathrooms blog, we highlight the fact that this is not true in many scenarios.

If you are seeking the ability to soak and relax in a bath, it is possible by choosing a specialist solution that helps you get in and out and supports you whilst bathing. Developed and proven in the commercial care sector, whilst still retaining a non-medical looking design, specialist baths from G360 Bathrooms combine wheelchair user access and able-bodied bathing – so all household members can benefit from a relaxing soak.

So let’s look in more detail at how we assess your suitability for certain accessible baths and highlight two specific models with ideal features for a wheelchair user.

Recommending the right bath for you

Before selecting any walk-in or specialist bath, it is essential your individual needs are assessed by a qualified professional.

Trained listeners

Trusted Assessors from G360 Bathrooms are trained to listen to you in a consultative way, so the most suitable bath or bathroom is recommended. This ‘customer-centric’ approach ensures you get a ‘futureproofed’ bathing solution that maximises independence, safety and peace of mind.


‘Futureproofing’ is a term that’s used more and more these days which means a product remains suitable even if your needs change. This is important with assistive technology as it eliminates the possibility of having to purchase a different product in the future.

Free home consultation

Accessible baths for wheelchair users are specified following a home consultation by one of our Trusted Assessors. With strictly no obligation to buy, these free home assessments allow us to build a complete picture of your lifestyle and how an accessible powered bath will improve day-to-day living. If you agree with our recommendations we will manage the whole process from delivery to installation and beyond.

Flexible for wheelchair users

Whether you just need a bath or a complete accessible space, we will provide the solution. You may need your bathroom reconfigured with low-level accessible sanitaryware or extra room to manoeuvre a wheelchair, or just need a specialist bath – we are flexible to your needs. Ultimately by talking to our ethical accessible bathing experts, you can rest assured the bath supplied will resolve daily issues immediately and give longstanding peace of mind.

Occupational Therapist consultation

If your medical needs are more complex, then guidance from a healthcare professional such as an Occupational Therapist (OT) may also help. G360 Bathrooms is part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group which works with a team of OTs who assist with product development and support the company’s educational initiatives.

If required, G360 Advisors can consult with our associate OTs or work with your assigned healthcare advisor to ensure the best outcome possible. The ultimate aim is to deliver inclusive bathing that improves your well-being now and in the future.

The Alera bath with powered seat

The Talano bath with powered seat

Specialist baths for wheelchair users

The accessible Alera and Talano baths from G360 Bathrooms both offer features and benefits ideal for people with limited or no lower limb mobility. Limb loss, spinal cord injury or neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s may all result in the need for a wheelchair to remain mobile. But how can you get in and out of a bath safely? The answer is a powered bather transfer seat.

Alera and Talano bath seat solutions

Both the Alera and Talano include this electrically operated feature which lifts, rotates and lowers bathers in a smooth and controlled motion. With a roaming handset, the seat can be vertically adjusted to exactly match the height of your wheelchair cushion so you can achieve an easy sideways transfer.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to use your wheelchair in the bathroom, the Talano can be supplied with a detachable transit seat and trolley. This means one seat can be used to enter the bathroom, access the bath and exit without the need to side transfer out of a wheelchair.

Bath safety reassurance

Once safely aboard either type of bather transfer seat, the integrated seatbelt can be secured. Flip-down armrests provide lateral reassurance and in the case of the Alera, the transfer seat also includes a unique powered leg lifter.

This means as you are rotated into the bath you do not need to lift your legs or require the assistance of a relative or carer. If postural challenges are more prominent or core stability is reduced, then the Alera also assists with an integrated pommel for pelvic stability.

Therapy and bathing care at home

At first glance, you may not see all the integrated therapeutic features in an easy-access bath from G360 Bathrooms, but they are there.

These clever design elements have been developed from over 35 years of manufacturing baths for all different environments from care homes and hospitals through to domestic bathrooms – all developed with a keen eye for subtle design.

We understand you want a bath to be proud of, that blends in with your décor and does not shout ‘assistive technology.’

Airspa, chromotherapy lighting and Bluetooth

In the case of the Alera and Talano, therapy is provided by options such as Airspa, chromotherapy lighting and Bluetooth sound. Healthcare professionals agree that the action of soaking in a warm bath can alleviate aches and pains and complement rehabilitation programmes. Bathing improves mood and can enhance limb mobility so activities outside of the bathroom can be easier.

In the case of wheelchair users with reduced limb sensation, access to a bath from G360 Bathrooms is safe with TMV temperature-controlled water so the risk of scalding is eliminated.

Users or carers can fill the bath to predetermined levels, as there are handy markers, and then bathers lower themselves or are lowered into this water without having to wait for the space to fill. This provides the advantage of keeping bathers comfortable and warm when entering and exiting the bath ie. when changing and drying.

Antimicrobial protection

Over and above these ergonomic advantages, G360 baths come with integrated BioCote antimicrobial protection for extra care. Taking hygiene to the next level, this invisible silver-ion technology is built into bath surfaces so microbes cannot survive on surfaces. With up to 99.99% efficacy, BioCote can protect against microbes such as influenza A H1N1, E. coli and MRSA.

Bathing and beyond

Being able to access a bath as a wheelchair user can be vital for health and well-being. Not only does it provide a pleasurable experience in the bathroom, but it also delivers benefits that extend to wider activities in life so more can be achieved.

Transfers need to be reliable and controlled so the use of a powered bath seat provides significant advantages. Add to this the removal of any potential moving and handling by relatives or carers, inclusive bathing can be enjoyed confidently without the risk of injury.

Hygiene and dignity are enhanced and all-in-all, ownership of a specialist power-assisted bath from G360 can be a gateway to greater positivity now and for many years to come.